Saturday, February 25, 2006

1st housewarming

Invited colleagues and bosses for dinner last night. These are what I prepared for them. Sorry, the photos are not taken well as I took the photos after they started. Very typical chinese dishes. Not salad or cake. I like the NK gathering at Edith's place. A well mixture of both chinese and western dishes.

Curry Vegetables & Fried Bee Hoon

Hainanese Chicken Rice that I learnt from my maternal grandfather

Hakka Yong Tau Hoo that I learn from my paternal grandmother.

There are tau pok with the fillings, tau kwa with filling and mushrooms with fillings. This dish can be quite time consuming. Need to cook the soup base for a long time to get the sweetness. The fillings also have to be marinated before they can be filled in the tau pok, tau kwa and mushrooms. After that, still have to shallow fry them before adding them into the soup. Now, I missed the charcoal stove at my parents house. Think the soup tasted nicer with that type of heat.

Sweet & Sour Fish & Prawns

beside the sweet and sour fish is the chicken nuggets. Can you see?

Mee Goreng

This mee goreng was fried at last minute. After my colleagues, nothing much was left. So fried this for my brother and father. Luckily, still have noodles in my fridge leftover from morning. Fried mee goreng in the morning for him to bring to his office for lunch. So rare that I am on leave so can make something for him to have home cooked lunch.

Fruit cocktail jelly

This time, I used a different type of mix compared the previous the one made for V day. This mixture is softer but nicer. hehe... Made a total of 48 pieces and all are gone. Yipee....

2 large pizza ordered from Pelican. Hawaiian and Chicken Classic

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day 06

This is our 1st V'day since we were married. As we had shifted into the new house, cannot make any surprise this year. He will knows what I wanted to do before the actual day itself. But still came up with something much simpler. hehe..

Fruit cocktail jelly

This is nothing much & easy avail everywhere. But still my 1st time baking a bread specially for him.