Friday, April 06, 2007

1st feast after our wedding.

The TOTM at NK is eggs so I thought of making these eggs dishes today with other dishes as well.
Its my first attempt in making these eggs dishes. Verdict fm hb are as follow:
Potatoes Eggs
Verdict: Potatoes a bit too bland and not firm enough. There were some whereby the eggs are separated from the potatoes.
Before frying
After frying and the cutting
Egg Roll with fish paste
Verdict: Nice but should have added some cut chilli or spring onion in the fish paste so that they will look more colourful. Maybe I should get some seaweed also. Maybe, can shallow fry them after steaming and cutting.
Before steaming and after cutting
Sambal Quail Eggs
Verdict: Too much onions and not spicy enough.
Sliced Fish Soup
Sambal Kangkong with hae bee
Soya sauce chicken with shredded ginger. Forgot to take this earlier. By the time I took this pic, already more than half are gone. :P

Monday, April 02, 2007


I have not been cooking for a long time as was busy preparing for wedding. Finally, I have time to come home after work to make dinner. Here they go.... Sweet & Sour Fish AND China chye sim. But I think the chye sim are too old liao so a bit tough. Not much ingredients left in the fridge so no other ingredients (pinapple, cucumber, capsicum) to fry the sweet & sour fish. But they turned out nice too... I am amazed that we can finished all.. haha..