Sunday, August 11, 2013

Curry Chicken on 04.08.13

Hubby's big aunt bought this packet of curry paste some time back. Since helper not around, we decided to cook curry chicken as one dish meal. I think I will stick to Hai's curry Paste as this paste has a strong indian curry taste. But it went well with the prata though. haha...

Noodles and Bee Hoon

Everyone just dont feel like eating rice so its a bee hoon and mee lunch yesterday.

Bee Hoon Soup for myself and sis in law.

Mee Pok dry for hubby's small aunt.

 Mee Pok dry for my father
 Mee Pok soup for hubby
 Mee Kia dry for hubby's big aunt

Orange Jelly

I first came across this dessert made by +Angeline Lim  at the Multiply gathering. Finally, I made them today. hahaha...

I adopted the recipe from