Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dinner tonight

Hubby's aunt bought sotong today so I thought may as well cook it using the HCP. Hubby doesn't take sotong so I added prawns to make seafood sambal.

Saw this post and feel like trying this since I have cheese leftover in the fridge. I used the potato from the ABC soup that my helper cooked. hehe.. But I do not have bread crumbs at home so I made do with crackers instead.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Prawn "swimming" in chilli crab sauce

Hubby is away for a week and back from Reservist today. So make him my guinea pig by doing a different dish. First time making this combi. keke..

1) Deep fried the prawns
2) Baked the popiah skin in muffin trays to create the "bowl"
3) Cook the chilli crab sauce.
4) Scoop the sauce into the "bowl"
5) Add the prawns and garnish.


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lunch for 09.06.13

While queueing to buy pork for Brayden, I was thinking of cooking Bak Ku Teh so I called my parents to ask them whether they would like to come over for lunch. With my parents over for lunch and hubby's aunt staying with us, I can cook Bak Ku Teh with pork ribs and Feng Chang....

Just need to think of some other food for my hubby and helper who are Halal. hahaha...

I came across this using HCP. Want to make varieties so I used otah paste and fish paste. I added pepper, diced chilli and spring onion in the fish paste to make it more colourful. However, I made it wrongly. I should have spread the paste on the egg and roll them. I rolled it how I wrapped spring roll so the presentation is not so nice. Anyway, it still taste good accordingly to hubby. hehe...

Have a packet of sweet potato flour so decided to make hae lua. Both hubby and I do not take oyster and its very difficult to find hae lua. Asked my hubby's aunt to teach me how to cook this. But added the prawns too early so the prawns are tough. will attempt this again.

Fried Nai Bai with garlic. 

Fried Black promfret. Wanted to make sweet and sour sauce but not enough time. :( Just do with fried ginger lah. 


Brayden started to eat hotcakes from Mac and he likes them. So I thought better to make them myself instead. He been unwell recently so not much appetite also. I decided to make this breakfast more interesting. Too bad, I cannot find Korean strawberries to eat with the pancakes.