Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ever since I started to work in the new job, today is the 1st time I experienced heavy rain after work. It had been almost a month already. Wanted to cook porridge again. I thought having porridge on a rainy day will be quite nice. BUT when I reached home, I feel like cooking spaghetti. Haiz.. This is me. Always change my mind. haha... In the end, spaghetti for dinner.
I have cabbage & carrot in the fridge and a bottle of salad cream bought by hubby. Feel like making coleslaw for him as he asked me whether I know how to make coleslaw. Frankly speaking, I do not know. haha... I was brought up in a kitchen with chinese cooking. No western cooking. I learnt how to cook spaghetti on my bintan trip. Josh taught me how to make it before. However, I did not take down the notes. I just cut the vege and put in the salad cream and little bit of salt. Taste very funny. Think I am wrong to use the salad cream. Must go and check with my shi fu later. haha :P

These are what I made for dinner 2 days ago.

Cauliflower with carrot and mushroom.

Sambal hae bee with baby kai lan

Friday, August 25, 2006


Today, he bought back a cake made by inmates that he ordered few days ago. He will be posted out in Sep so decided to order the cake back for me to try. Otherwise, no chance to try liao. Verdict: Soft and not too sweet.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Teochew style porridge

I had lost voice for a few days. Finally, I regained back my voice today. But the cough still persists. Had no choice but to see the doctor again for the cough. Decided to cook something very simple but our favourite for dinner tonight after seeing the doctor. Moreover, he will be home late too after his table tennis game.

Stir fried Baby Kai Lan

French beans with carrot.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yes and No

The cake is out. The verdict is successful and unsuccessful.

Yes, the cakes are out. No waste of the ingredients.

No, there is a crack on the loaf cake again.

If the cake top portion can be like the bottom too.... So even.....

Lunch for my family

Thinking this is a super late post. Cant remember exactly was it 3 weeks ago or 1 month ago that I made this lunch.

Curry Vegetables

Braised Chicken wings


Sigh.. and sigh...

The pooh play room had been shut down temporary for operations. However, her hands are so itchy today and wanted to bake a cake for her new colleagues. Guess what? After I put in the sugar and butter into the bowl, the cake mixer is not responding at all. It is down.... Sob.. sob... There are 250gm butter and 200gm of sugar. I really do not wish to see them ending up in the rubbish bin. It is such a big waste if I throw them away. Went over to my neighbour & see whether I can borrow one from them. BUT they do not bake so no electric mixer to lend.
Tried online at MSN but no advisor is around to assist me. I decided to use the newly purchased wire whisk and beat them manually. I remembered I beating something manually during sec school days. Its baking in the oven now. Don't know how the texture will be like. Its very tiring to beat them manually. HOPE it will turn out well.
Anyway, the master agreed to get the pooh play room a new toy. hehe... A good excuse for me to buy something. Been thinking of the mixer from KitchenAid all along. But I do not think I will get it this time round. Unlike Josh, I will not make very good use of this mixer. He can play with that toy better than me. Moreover, its so expensive. Better don't waste money. I will just get one normal electric mixer.

Too lazy or too busy??? haha...

Been too busy or too lazy to post? I also dunno. My dear hubby is on diet prog now so the pooh play room have to be shut down for operations coz no one to be my guinea pig liao. haha.. But I wanted to make something today. Will see how later. hehe...