Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dinner tonight.

Been talking to Solo and Josh on what should I cook.

By the time I post up all these pictures, too tired already. No going to write a lot...going to zzzz...

The carrot cake for them to pack home

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Baking time

He is trying to rush out one report so we cannot go out today. After finishing the housework in the morning. Went online and met Josh and Judy there. Discussing what should we do today. Josh wanted to go Daiso @ IMM. I decided to bake something for my colleagues to eat since I am leaving in 2 weeks' time. Initially, wanted to bake cookies and cake today. By the time I reached home, its already 5 plus. Decided to bake the butter cake 1st. It took me almost an hour to finish baking the loaf cake. After the baking and dinner, sianz already. hehe.. so no cookies.

Sambal vegetarian bee hoon for dinner tonight

Breakfast yesterday

Needed to go and visit someone at TTSH. So decided to cook some porridge. At the same time, can also asked my parents over for porridge but got mum to buy you tiao. hehe