Sunday, August 30, 2015

Min Jiang Kueh

I have been wanting to attempt to make min jiang kueh. Came across this video on in the morning so decided to make this for Brayden's breakfast before he goes for his Sat classes.

I think it needs a longer time to ferment. I prepared it in the morning.

I brought the peanut powder from NTUC.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Baked Salmon and potatoes

Hubby wanted a simple dinner on Friday so baked Salmon and potatoes for him

Simple breakfast

I learnt this method of steaming egg from the farm host during the holidays. 

She steamed 4 eggs at one go. Boil the water in the pan. Put in the baking paper and pour the eggs into the baking paper. Steam for 2 minutes. woohoo.... Sunny Side up without oil.


My first bake for 2015.

Feeling bored at home since I cannot go anywhere. Decided to make pizza for the family. Think I have not made this for almost 7-8 years. Haha. I used the breadmaker to knead the dough.

Verdict: Crust is too thick and not cheesy enough.

My loyal supporter for food. :)