Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sigh.. and sigh...

The pooh play room had been shut down temporary for operations. However, her hands are so itchy today and wanted to bake a cake for her new colleagues. Guess what? After I put in the sugar and butter into the bowl, the cake mixer is not responding at all. It is down.... Sob.. sob... There are 250gm butter and 200gm of sugar. I really do not wish to see them ending up in the rubbish bin. It is such a big waste if I throw them away. Went over to my neighbour & see whether I can borrow one from them. BUT they do not bake so no electric mixer to lend.
Tried online at MSN but no advisor is around to assist me. I decided to use the newly purchased wire whisk and beat them manually. I remembered I beating something manually during sec school days. Its baking in the oven now. Don't know how the texture will be like. Its very tiring to beat them manually. HOPE it will turn out well.
Anyway, the master agreed to get the pooh play room a new toy. hehe... A good excuse for me to buy something. Been thinking of the mixer from KitchenAid all along. But I do not think I will get it this time round. Unlike Josh, I will not make very good use of this mixer. He can play with that toy better than me. Moreover, its so expensive. Better don't waste money. I will just get one normal electric mixer.

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