Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ever since I started to work in the new job, today is the 1st time I experienced heavy rain after work. It had been almost a month already. Wanted to cook porridge again. I thought having porridge on a rainy day will be quite nice. BUT when I reached home, I feel like cooking spaghetti. Haiz.. This is me. Always change my mind. haha... In the end, spaghetti for dinner.
I have cabbage & carrot in the fridge and a bottle of salad cream bought by hubby. Feel like making coleslaw for him as he asked me whether I know how to make coleslaw. Frankly speaking, I do not know. haha... I was brought up in a kitchen with chinese cooking. No western cooking. I learnt how to cook spaghetti on my bintan trip. Josh taught me how to make it before. However, I did not take down the notes. I just cut the vege and put in the salad cream and little bit of salt. Taste very funny. Think I am wrong to use the salad cream. Must go and check with my shi fu later. haha :P

These are what I made for dinner 2 days ago.

Cauliflower with carrot and mushroom.

Sambal hae bee with baby kai lan

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