Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bak Chang

Today is an eventful day. Hb won movie tickets at Surf's Up at the new AMK hub Cathay. The show was at 10 am and we need to wake up early to collect at 9.30. After show, went out lunch with my family for father's day celebration.
Got home around 5 and finally I started to make the bak chang myself for the 1st time. Of coz, I had called my grandma in M'sia for tips on preparing the ingredients yesterday. hehe...

Washed and soaked the leaves.Marinated the meat.Cooked the mushrooms, chestnuts and dried oysters.
Soaked the rice this morning.Fried the hae bee and rice.Start wrapping and cooked them for 2 hours. Yeah.. can eat liao.
Before cooking.
Cooking in process
After cooking,

Ready for eating

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