Sunday, June 25, 2006

The pooh play room in action on 24 June 06

Another late post again. BUT it's not my fault. Do not know what's wrong with the memory card last night. Simply cannot find the memory card's data in the PC. Today, tried to slot in the memory card and it works. Yeah..
Ok. Yesterday, spent the morning playing in the pooh play room. hehe..
Wanton mee soup with prawn
Finally, they had the chance to come over the makan session liao. been so busy since I shifted in that I had no chance or time to invite them over for makan. haha.. Sorry for the long wait, pals-(the poly group work :gang" cum "daughters" with their boyfriend and husband). wow.. We have known each other for so long liao. Sorry, no reveal of number of years here.
The overall food
Mee Goreng
Sweeet and sour fish
Chicken Rice
Dark soya sauce prawn with chilli
Chicken Dumpling Soup

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