Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hakka Soon Kueh aka Hakka Soon Pan

Hakka Soon Kueh aka Hakka Soon Pan-Father's day celebration on 15.06.14

I remembered my late paternal grandmother often made these for the family. However, I did not manage to learn the recipe for the soon kueh skin. I only remembered that she had to steam yam and mashed it. She also took out a dough and cooked it in boiling water. I googled and found this method quite similar to my grandmother's.

I also cooked the filling based on estimation and my family's taste.

1. Steam 300g yam and mash them with 150g of tapioca flour. I omit 5 spice powder as I don't remember my grandmother using them.

2. I fried dried cuttlefish, dried shrimps, black fungus, chinese mushrooms. orange tau kwa with the turnips.

When I was wrapping the soon kueh, I was thinking it shall be my last attempt. It was so hard managing the skin. they broke easily. :( 

However, I will attempt again as I was quite satisfied with the results.

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